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2 Ramadan • Story • Rachel Finkelstein

Title: The Herstory/Four Generations Female X-Chromosomal Inheritance Lineage • Artist: Rachel Finkelstein

Herstory/Four Generations Female X-Chromosomal Inheritance Lineage is an attempt to connect four generations of her-story and our genetic heritage. My mother was born to an Orthodox Jewish family as one of six daughters. With the rise of Anti-Semitic tendencies in Europe at the age of 22 she left Poland and moved to Palestine without her parents’ approval. My mother kept the last postcard she received from her mother in her jewelry box. It was written in German and she used to occasionally read it, “Dear daughter” it said, “this is the only time I am happy you didn’t listen to me.” My grandmother, as far as I know, was mass murdered in a communal grave in Chrzanow Poland not long after that. I left Israel in 1973 with a one-way ticket to Europe. My daughter was born in California in 1991 through donor conception to lesbian parents, her other mother is Muslim. Looking at the four generations of women from my side of the family one might notice that:

  • We were born in three different continents: Europe, Asia and America.

  • Three of us don’t share the same native tongue: Polish, Hebrew and English.

  • Two of us never had the opportunity to meet.

  • But, despite all that an X Chromosomal lineage and a sense of belonging connects us all.

Rachel Finkelstein is contributing on behalf of our partner, Association of Hysteric Curators.

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