I'm NonMuslim

Your involvement as a nonMuslim is essential to the success of our campaign. YOU have the ability to share our messaging with your nonMuslim friends, family, and social network.

Be a #RAMADANinLA Storyteller, and SHARE your own, personal story about Ramadan.

Be a #RAMADANinLA Influencer, and SHARE our message with your friends and social following.


Be a #RAMADANinLA STAR, attend local iftars, promote #RAMADANinLA, document and SHARE the event with yourr friends and social following.

HOST a #RAMADANinLA iftar. It can be an iftar for one, invite a crowd, or somewhare inbetween. Then share pics with the #RAMADANinLA hashtag with us or on social media.

LET US KNOW if you want to:

  • SHARE your STORY,


  • be a HOST,

  • or BE A STAR!

Thanks! Message sent.